First Time Homeowner Common Mistakes

Finally, you’ve found your  first dream home and you’re about to start the buying process. You are excited to own your FIRST HOME.  Hols off a moment….. The property may seem to be perfect now, but you need to make sure there are no surprises once you own it.  The common mistakes first time owners miss are many.  But important questions that needs to be addressed before placing an offer:




How old is the roof? Depending on the type of roof that’s installed, if done right it can last anywhere from 20 years to 50 years. But at some point, it will need to be replaced, and it’s important to know about how long you have left, so you can be prepared.

Any problems with termites? If there’s ever been an infestation, it’s the previous owner’s responsibility to tell you, and provide proof that it’s been taken care of. But you also should know what caused the infestation. If the conditions are still there (e.g. soft rotting wood), you might expect another one before long if the situation isn’t dealt with. Check if the home is under termite warranty/protection

How much are utilities? How much can you expect to pay in an average month? What are the peak months? Knowing this will help you budget your own electricity and gas usage, and even figure out ways of keeping costs down.

How old are the appliances? Home appliances like HVAC systems and garage door openers that come with the house should all work properly. Find out if there are any warranties still active on them and how much trouble you can expect them to give.

How much insulation is there? Most houses are insulated, but few are insulated enough, and that can cost you a lot in the energy department. Check the attic and see if you need more insulation, how much, and what kind. Also check to see if there are any air leaks or ductwork leaks that need to be sealed, as they can waste serious energy as well.

How big is the water heater? Will there be enough hot water to meet your family’s daily needs?

For more insight on home ownership and how to avoid common mistakes of the first time home owner, contact us at ZRI Realty to learn all of the right questions to ask before buying a home.

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